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Two Families, One American Dream. With the blessing of one the best chefs and business minds in the South Jersey area, Joe Massaglia, we are beyond humbled and grateful to take on this challenge as business owners and operators of Eat @ Joe's.

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Making the Pizzas, we have Paully, a local pizza legend known for the love and attention he puts into his pizzas. Paully has been making pizzas for over 19 years and has worked alongside Joe Massaglia for over 11 years. For over 19 years, Paully has been perfecting his craft, from the pizza dough, pizza sauce, and right down to the cheese ratios. - "Customers can tell, when you don't have love for your craft, and that’s why it’s important to always be consistent. I love my regulars. I love when they tell me, “Wow Paully! you make the best pizza!""


In the Kitchen, we have Chef Dany who has worked in kitchens practically all his life, but has been a dedicated chef for over 25 years. Chef Dany has worked alongside renowned chefs like Luke Palladino and Michael Symon, making sure he learned everything he could along the way. While he has been head chef and placed in charge of kitchens in the past, this is his first venture as a Business and Restaurant Owner. - "Food is constantly evolving and as a chef, it is my job to always provide great quality food, listen to criticism, and accommodate those changing palettes. Some places are not so accommodating, it is their way or the highway, but I will always try my best to feed everyone because the customer will always appreciate the extra effort and next time tell the story of how the chef went out of his way to make sure everyone left happy and full.”